Grading & Excavating
We specialize in site preparation, roads/driveways, basements, drainage lines, and septic tank installations.
Private residential projects
We are dedicated to serving homeowners. Providing them with value, expert advice, respect, and consideration of time and money. We provide FREE consulting on house/building positioning and finding the perfect solutions for your needs. This allows the homeowner to save time and unneeded expenses as well as ensuring the grading process goes as smoothly as possible.
Residential & Subdivision development
From road building, clearing, & grading, Mitch Patton Grading helps homeowners and developers painlessly put together their projects. We offer help in pursing permits and advise on the best job to fit every lot.
Commercial & public sites
We have experience working with general and local contractors. With our knowledge of blue prints and plans, working on tight schedules, and being able to work with multiple sources of dirt, Mitch Patton Grading is the perfect pick for commercial development.

Thank you for choosing Mitch Patton Grading, LLC

Mitch Patton Grading specializes in general engineering, grading, and more. With an extensive portfolio of projects spanning from a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, institutional, and public works, we are more than capable of handling the most challenging situations while maintaining an excellent safety record.

Providing our customers with the most efficient and hard work for the money. Treating each as if it were our own. We are a family owned business that takes pride in doing the best job possible. Our reputation is built on a foundation of promises kept. our customers know we will get the job done in a timely fashion and on budget.